Sebastián Marín

Character Animator 3D | Freelance Animator


My first contact with the CG world was in 1998 but my career began a year after, when I created - along with other partners - New Horizon Studios SL. Our first game was distributed internationally by Virgin Interactive Entertainment. Beside being venture partner I engaged in directing, producing and CG in general, but I mainly enjoyed animating the characters. Since then I've focused my career and developed my skills as an animator.

In 2003 I started working as an animator and technical director for a spanish TV serie. In 2005 I was recruited by Kandor Graphis as a Senior Animator working in short and feature animation films that were nominated for the Oscars and were awarded with Goyas.

The last project within Kandor Graphis was in 2013, and since then I've been working as a freelance animator.

Currently I work as a freelance animator for video game,series, advertising, short and feature films, letting my services for both, national and international market.



SKYDANCE / 02/2022 - Current, Animator Senior for Crowds department.


Contrasentido PC / 12/2021 - 01/2022, Freelance Animator.

NIVIS, Amigos de Otro Mundo

MONDO TV / 10/2021 - 01/2022, Freelance Animator.


ROCKETFRAMES / 08/2021 - 10/2021, Freelance Animator.


ROCKETFRAMES / 06/2021 - 09/2021, Freelance Animator.

Tadeo Jones 3: La maldición de la momia

Lightbox Animation Studios / 12/2020 - 07/2021, Freelance Animator.

Pettersson und Findus

b.water 11/2020, Freelance Animator.


mindiff 11/2019 - 03/2020, Animation of some heroes of the game "THE IMMORTAL MYSTIC", Freelance Animator.

Flower Of The Dawn

Genoma Animation 05/2019 - 08/2019, Freelance Character Animator

NIVIS, Amigos de Otro Mundo

ANTARUXA 04/2019 - 09/2019, Disney animation series (Argentina), Freelance Animator.

Cry Babes 2

HAMPA STUDIO 12/2018 - 04/2019, Freelance Animator.

Talking Tom and Friends, Season 2/3

arx anima 03/2018 - 07/2018, Freelance Animator.

VIVANT and Chin-Su SoySauce

Whiteline Studios 07/2018 - 08/2018, Freelance Animator.


Contrasentido PC 02/2018, White Shark Animation for a sequence of the series FUGITIVA (TVE), Freelance Animator.

Spot Cuetara

The FLOW 02/2018, Freelance Animator.

Wellcome, Ciudad Financiera del Santander

Rokyn Animation 01/2018, Freelance Animator.

Promoción Campaña Navidad 2018 TVE

Whiteline Studios / Jose Antonio Portillo 11/2017, Promoción Campaña Navidad 2018 TVE, Freelance Animator.

Horse Racing

Golden Race 12/2016-2/2017, Horse and Jockey Animation, Freelance Animator.

Tadeo Jones 2: El secreto del Rey Midas

Lightbox Animation Studios / Rokyn Animation 12/2016 - 2/2017, Freelance Animator.

VFX Craftsmen

VFXCraftsmen 12/2014 – 10/2017, We are a group of artists which focuses on creativity and developing new ways to express creativity.

Untitled Adventure, Teaser Trailer Movie

BLOW Studio 09/2016 - 12/2016, Freelance Animator.

Shrek Sugar Fever

Genera Mobile 07/2016 - 09/2016, Dreamworks game for iOS and Android, Freelance Animator.


BLOW Studio 03/2016, Freelance Animator.

YOKO (Series)

SOMUGA DIBULITOON Studio 12/2015 – 02/2016, Freelance Animator.


Greyman Studios Platige Image REEL 12/2015 – 02/2016, Freelance Animator.

TriNa “Tres Naranjas y un destino”(Spot)

The Frank Barton Company 05/2015, Freelance Animator.

Planet Play (Pilot)

Sunflower Graphics Planet Play Play video 07/2014 – 09/2014, Animation Director.

KRE-O Transformers (Spots)

REEL BENT 04/2014 – 06/2014, Bent Europe S.L., Freelance Animator.

Poseso (Film)

Poseso 01/2014, KAIA PRODUKZIOAK | Trimatrix Animación, Senior Animator.

KANDOR Graphics

KANDOR Graphics 09/2005 - 01/2014, Senior Animator

The 7th Dwarf (2013) (Film) REEL

The 7th Dwarf

Justin and Knights of Valour (2013) (Film) REEL

The lady and the reaper (2009) (Short Film)

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Nominated for an Oscar® for "Best Animation Short Feature", 2010. Winner of a Goya for "Best Animation Short Feature", 2010. More than 30 other awards.

The Missing Lynx (2008) (Film) ,Winner of a Goya for “Best Animation Feature Film”, 2009.

Puleva "Terraza" (2008) (Spot)

Campaña publicitaria para Ron Cacique "La llamada" (2007) (Spots)

Puleva "En busca de la fuente de conocimiento" (2007) (Spot)

Space Racers (Series)

Genoma Animation Space Racers 07/2013 – 11/2013, Senior Animator.

Mario Animum: El primer monologuista 3D (Short Film)

REEL ANIMUM 02/2013 – 06/2013, Senior Animator.


Máster en Animación 3D de Personajes UGR-Kandor Graphics 05/2012, Squash and Stretch class, University of Granada.

Alfredo el cartero (Pilot)

PASOZEBRA 05/2005 – 08/2005, PASOZEBRA Producciones | Playhouse Disney, Senior Animator.

MocLand (Series)

Forma Animada 10/2003 – 01/2005, 3D technique director.

Futbolution (Football on-line game in realtime)

10/2002 – 05/2003, Futura Networks, Senior Animator.

New Horizon Studios S.L.

05/1999 – 07/2002, Cocreator, partner and manager of New Horizon Studios S.L., independient company dedicated to create and develop 2d and 3d videogames.

Products: NightStone - Virgin Interactive Entertainment and VisualGen - Hollywood multimedia.

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